About Enrich Workflow Solutions

The Business Process Environment

Enrich Workflow Solutions is breaking boundaries in business solutions. Every day, businesses attempt to roll out new and improved processes to keep a competitive edge. It’s essential to the success of any business. Our exclusive, patented software was developed to enable you to do just that. Enrich Workflow Solutions easily automates your processes, increasing productivity, improving communication, enhancing process visibility and promoting outstanding customer service. Nothing is overlooked.



What we Do

Enrich Workflow Solutions is a patented Business Process Environment that includes a Rules Engine, Middleware, Work Flow Mapping, a User Interface, Change Management, and Version Control software packaged in one application. Enrich Workflow Solutions will sit on top of existing systems, allowing you to easily push and pull data from multiple databases and services, all within its unique environment. Enrich Workflow Solutions is an efficient tool designed to bridge legacy applications with many other applications in a time- and cost-effective model while providing a flexible environment for continuous improvement and change management.  


What our clients have to say

The Enrich Workflow Solutions software has made our breakdown department not only more efficient at handling breakdown calls, but the entire comments are passed over to the work order. Enrich Workflow Solutions also allows the breakdown representative to know great detail about the customer, when to escalate to the customer. Many of our customers either haul perishable goods or goods that are just in time and Enrich Workflow Solutions assists us with each breakdown to make sure we are handling the breakdown in a timely manner. Handoff’s at shift changes are seamless, too.
Doug Chase, Vice President-Controller, Salem Nationalease