About Us

About Us

Emconex Patented Software – The Business Process Environment

Wow is a common expression we hear when we introduce our services. We are Emconex and we are going to change the way you view your business solutions.

Every day, businesses attempt to roll out new and improved processes to keep a competitive edge. It’s essential to the success of any business. Our exclusive, patented software was developed to enable you to do just that. Emconex easily automates your processes, increasing productivity, improving communication, enhancing process visibility and promoting outstanding customer service. Nothing is overlooked.

How do we do it? First, our software is designed to bridge to your legacy systems and capture intellectual capital in your processes. Emconex processes are so easy to use that training is accelerated, maximizing the productivity of new talent. Emconex can remove the constraints imposed by your current system, liberating your team’s creative spirit and their ability to innovate. Capturing your intellectual capital with Emconex improves your compliance and sustainability requirements and needs.

Emconex provides Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA) functionality. It goes far beyond these traditional applications to create a unique class of software we call a Business Process Environment (BPE).

Our unique Business Process Environment integrates the following software in one package:
  • Universal User Interface
  • Rules Engine
  • Middleware
  • Work Flow Mapping
  • Change Management
  • Version Control

Emconex is an enterprise-wide development tool suite designed to manage and automate business processes while creating Java-based bridges among legacy applications, other applications and the Internet. Our development tools will enable the creation of deliverables in a time- and cost-effective manner among virtually any data files. It’s different from any other business solution. Contact us today and let us show you how Emconex can work for you.

Emconex is today’s solution for all your business process needs.

Our Story

History of Emconex by Richer Systems Group, Inc.

RSG was originally founded by Eric Richer in 1990 to provide software consulting services. In 1994 the company entered into its first contract related to the Transportation industry and enrich, a comprehensive system to manage equipment maintenance and materials, was created.

In 1997 RSG began marketing enrich to the Transportation industry throughout North America. Recognizing the need for a software provider for the Full Service Truck Leasing industry, RSG developed industry-specific modules for its software suite. Lease and rental management, contract and asset management, and financials were added in 1999.

In 2000 a remote access service (RA) for hosting enrich was created. This enabled users to remotely access the application without the requirement of owning server hardware. By 2003, RSG completed its back office modules including licenses and fuel tax, fuel management, and the integration of payroll and human resources with Optimum Solutions.

In 2005 Enrich Software Corp. (ESC) was formed to continue to market enrich to Transportation and Full Service Truck Lease and Rental companies. This allowed RSG to focus its energy and resources on the exciting new Business Process tool, Emconex. ESC continued to enhance enrich by releasing Customer Web Access as a web portal to allow customers of Leasing and Transportation companies real-time access to their enrich data. In 2011 Business Owner Access was released to provide enrich customers with a robust reporting tool.


Emconex is a patented Business Process Environment including a Rules Engine, Middleware, Work Flow Processor and User Interface in one application.

The concept for Emconex grew from consulting work with a major client that required an efficient means to manage, communicate and report on service calls, accidents, and other complex events requiring multiple tasks by multiple personnel. While service calls are processed in hours and days, accidents can frequently take years to bring to closure. They both, however, are events with similar processes.

Emconex development was brought about by recognizing:

  1. Regardless of their complexity, all business processes are at core a series of steps from an event trigger to a final resolution.
  2. Business processes involve information and human involvement from a variety of resources.
  3. Communication and reporting are critical throughout the life cycle of the process.
  4. There was a need for software that would bring simplicity to the complexity surrounding modern business processes.

Emconex stands alone in a new class of software that we call a Business Process Environment. It is the solution for bringing simplicity to the complexity of any business process.

Find out what the EMCONEX patented Business Process Environment can do for your business!