What are the components of the Enrich Workflow Solutions software suite?

Enrich Workflow Solutions integrates a universal user interface, a rules engine, middleware, workflow mapping, change management and version control in one package. This eliminates compatibility issues found when utilizing different applications and databases from different providers.

Can Enrich Workflow Solutions be used in any industry?

Enrich Workflow Solutions is applicable for use in any industry to rapidly develop time- and cost-effective business processes. Enrich Workflow Solutions simplifies the development process in any environment.

Can Enrich Workflow Solutions work with the legacy systems of my organization?

Yes. One of the many Enrich Workflow Solutions advantages is the creation of panels over your legacy system data files to access information. The Enrich Workflow Solutions universal user interface will give your staff transparent access through our panels to any authorized data files to pull information from and push information to them. The user is not aware of how many data files are being accessed in the Enrich Workflow Solutions process. In addition, Enrich Workflow Solutions will seamlessly sign into web services in the course of the execution of a business process. Enrich Workflow Solutions facilitates pulling together legacy systems with new applications and web services.

How can business processes be developed with Enrich Workflow Solutions?

Richer Systems Group (RSG) is available for consulting on a project basis with a client’s staff to develop processes. During the development of these processes with RSG, the client’s staff will be trained to use our Enrich Workflow Solutions tools to do subsequent business process development internally.

What is involved in the installation of Enrich Workflow Solutions in an organization?

  1. Enrich Workflow Solutions server software, the central control of the functionality of the Enrich Workflow Solutions components, is installed on a server.
  2. Enrich Workflow Solutions Development tools are installed on a server and include a script writer, a panel builder, and query and search builders.
  3. Enrich Workflow Solutions Administrator tool is installed on a personal computer, allowing the creation of user ID’s and personal user queues, which provide user access to the Enrich Workflow Solutions business processes.
  4. Enrich Workflow Solutions User client is installed on a PC workstation, allowing the user to access business processes through his/her personal queue.

What qualified Enrich Workflow Solutions for a software patent?

There are existing providers who offer one or more of the components contained in Enrich Workflow Solutions. The difference is that Enrich Workflow Solutions provides a total suite of software in one unique package. In addition, Enrich Workflow Solutions uses an entirely new structural approach to Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Process Automation (BPA), breaking the boundaries of traditional tools.

Will Enrich Workflow Solutions require the hiring of additional developers with new skills?

Our excellent training staff will provide your existing developers with the skills required to take advantage of the Enrich Workflow Solutions development tools, significantly improving their productivity. Developers only need to know the file layout and data elements within the existing data files and be proficient in Java and SQL. Once the initial business process is complete, further changes and enhancements to the script will require less technically qualified personnel. As your organizational needs change, authorized users can modify their own business processes without engaging the services of a developer.

What functionality will Enrich Workflow Solutions offer to my staff?

Enrich Workflow Solutions has many dynamic features. Processes may be viewed among team members. Responsibility for events can be pushed to or claimed from other team members and escalated to supervisors when an issue is not addressed within an appropriate time frame. Updates about events may be automatically summarized and sent by email or to mobile devices by text message. Our Script Writer defines each process, and events may be transferred between process environments.

What services are available from the Enrich Workflow Solutions organization?

Enrich Software Corp. provides consulting, support and maintenance, implementation and training services for the Enrich Workflow Solutions software. Our services are provided on a customized basis, as established in discussions with each client, to best suit their needs and requirements.

How does Enrich Workflow Solutions charge for their software and services?

Our Enrich Workflow Solutions Server Software, Developer and Administrator Tools are provided at no charge to our customers. Consulting, implementation and training service fees are based on a contracted rate between the Customer and RSG. An annual license fee, that includes software maintenance is charged for each personal queue.